2023 CHINAPLAS Shenzhen | Carlo features mother gorgeous debut!

Author:广西卡洛特新材料有限公司 Date:2023-07-25 Reading:

As a major visual feast in the international rubber and plastic industry, CHINAPLAS joined hands with more than 3,900 high-quality exhibitors around the world, more than 400 specialized and special new enterprises, 100 national "superstar" enterprises, more than 1,500 material suppliers and 3,000 machinery exhibitors from April 17-20, 2023, covering the whole industrial chain of plastics industry and rubber. Share and display the latest research wisdom results, launch a large number of global or Asian first technology project innovative solutions, quality exhibitors are confident to show their "skills" and "unique skills".


In order to connect with upstream and downstream enterprises in the rubber and plastics industry, deepen industrial cooperation and resource sharing, and expand the national influence of the company, all the backbone employees of Guangxi Carrot New Materials Co., Ltd. went to the "CHINAPLAS 2023 International Rubber and Plastics Exhibition" under the leadership of General Guo, and showed the top color masterbatch materials of "specialization, branding and standardization" to the world audience. Help plastics industry customers to innovate and upgrade products, enhance the value of products or services!




At this exhibition, the parent company of Calo Features has always adhered to the survival of high-quality products, the development of high credibility, and the purpose of efficient service, helping the concept of high efficiency, cost reduction and carbon reduction, and launched cutting-edge color masterbatches, conductive color masterbatches, functional masterbatches and functional new materials.


✔ Blown film grade black mother, high blackness, uniform dispersion, high brightness, the final application includes but is not limited to agricultural film, geomembrane, casting film, food packaging bags, express bags, plastic bags.


✔ Injection grade black mother, 2014 series black mother, high carbon black concentration, high light and bright, strong temperature resistance, excellent performance, the final application includes but not limited to home appliance shell, daily appliances, automobiles, electronic components.


✔ Special black masterbatch, including ABS/ PET/ PC/PA/ PS/ PP/ TPU high brightness special black masterbatch, suitable for various special carriers, good compatibility, good blackness, high brightness.


✔ Functional masterbatch, PP conductive black masterbatch, PS conductive black masterbatch, PS conductive material, etc.

Looking forward to the future, Carrot will continue to provide customers with innovative technologies, solutions and quality services, enhance sustainable development capabilities, lead the development of the masterbatch market, focus on the resources of all parties, and seek common career development.